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    New RXT-X 260/RXT-X as

    Pretty sure I'm gonna buy a new RXT-X just trying to figure out between an RXT-X or the RXT-X aS version. Anyone have any pros or cons for the aS as well as the RXT-X. I heard that the aS's were a bitch to work on, shouldn't have to do too much to 'em with the warranty the give. Thanks for any input

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    See my sig.

    Pro's for aS;
    Smoother ride, but not smooth (test ride first!!).

    Less aS on the water = more exclusive

    Absolute bitch x 100 to work on = high dealer costs outside warranty, royal PITA for home mechanic, usual simple jobs take 1/2 day rather than 1/2 hour (literally).

    Impossible to do A B testing of two parts (one off one on before engine cools) takes too long, lots of forward planning needed to "do it all now" whilst the top deck is off.

    Limited options for mods with most options needing own solutions to final fit (small market for aS, so aftermarket manufacturers don't invest the extra time/money needed).

    Heavier weight machine = slower, uses more gas (even has a bigger fuel tank than non aS what does this tell you?!)

    Tiny storage volume.

    For me (being an aS user / owner) would I buy again knowing what I know?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. but in fairness I don't ride in the heavy chop, so the benifit of the suspension is more limited for me.

    It is very unlikely for me to have a suspension ski when I change next time.

    Great concept poorly executed.

    Hope this hoesty helps.

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    What Tornado said!
    T-X is easier to work on, very nimble, can be made to go very fast, and most of all it is a lot of fun.

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