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    2002 yamaha 1200 XLT Questions

    Got a 02 1200 XLT going to need a long block who do you guys suggest getting one from ? and if I decide to just sell the entire ski what's it worth # 2 piston has been chewing on something . I'm midway thru teardown so I'm still not sure what happened . As far as what's it worth the ski is in very good shape for a 02.. people are amazed when they are told it's 12 years old . Already has the basic mods ... D plate , chip , Grate and set up for pre mix..... before engine failure ski would run 55 mph in smooth water hauling 300 lbs worth of passengers.

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    I would first recommend you rebuild it yourself. All the help you need is here on the Hulk.
    If you don't want to do that, put an SBT motor in it then sell it ASAP.
    Buy a used FX, keep up with maintenance, and enjoy it for 4-500 hours.

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