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    07 rxt turning r's but not mph

    ok I bought a 07 rxt too everything off the 03 gtx and added a3mm s/c to the x charger and put a 81 mm ring in and a 4" air intake, the prop been changed to a 14/19 a few yrs ago in the 03 so here the problem I'm running 50-100 rpms faster with a smaller ring and running 2 mph slower with the same gps what gives ride plat. the 03 on hole shot would jump out of the water on hole shot the 07 stays planted the 03 bow would ride higher wide open while the 07 seams to be planted more thought the 07 would have been a soled 73-74???

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    well I found out the 07 is about 25 lb heaver mostly on the noise the way it looks work on the nozzle a little. the ride ride plate has a little more gap between it and the hull. going to put a 15/20-2mm back in it after I figure out what going on any ideals feel free...

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