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    Gas Treatment (Lucas, etc) preventive maint???

    Should I run a bottle of Lucas, STP, etc fuel system cleaner through my jetski each season just for preventive maintenance step? I am not having any problems, but just wondering if I should. Ski now has 114 hours on it (2010 Seadoo RXT-X 260) and still running great. Hope you guys are enjoying the summer so far!!!

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    I run 3oz per tank.
    No issues and 237hrs on 11 tx..

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    probably the best thing to do, is send out your fuel injectors out for a cleaning, if you can send them out lets, say a friday and hopefully you can get them on a friday, and you would only sacrifice one weekend. I never ran anything on my skis, I just don't trust that since there is no intermediate filter like a truck.. if that fuel treatment breaks down junk in your in-tank fuel filter it might a) make it float around the tank. b) might break it down on the back side of the filter and get sucked up by the pump and pushed directly into your injectors clogging them up.

    I thought about purchasing one of those canisters you put fuel injector cleaner that you pressurize with compressed air and connecting it directly to your rail. That will clean the injectors better than any in tank additive, we used to do that at school and worked wonders on cars.

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