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    95 Speedster.....Need help

    Here's the back story. I've had this boat for ~15 years. Piece by piece I had just about rebuilt most of the boat. It was running great. Then one day was running full speed and noticed starboard engine was not right. By the time I stopped it was sputtering and died. After spark. That was 2007. Since then I got married, bought 2 jet skis, and had a the Speedster just sat. I decided it's time to fix this. Last fall I took the engine out and replaced the stator, which I though to be the culprit. Last week I finally got around to putting the engine back in. After a few tries it fired up. The next day I put everything back together started the engine, then started it again and let it run on the hose for a few minutes. Then put the other engine on the hose and let it run. When I went to start the starboard again it would not start. Put a spark tester on spark. What I'm finding it that the spark is fine, and it will even start, for about 30 seconds. Then the spark fades out. If you let it sit for awhile this will happen again.....spark for about 30 seconds then fade out. Like it's needs to recharge the spark. Here's what I've tried.

    Replaced stator assembly
    Switched Coils
    Switched Starter relays
    Switched plug wires
    Cleaned all ground for starboard side

    I'm running out of ideas here. Could it be the MPEM even though the port fires up every time and the starboard does spark at the beginning? It's not blowing fuses. Somebody help.

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