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    $1,200 IBR Actuator broke?

    I was jumping waves today and landed hard in the shallows hitting the reverse gate, now the ibr gate will not come down, the reverse gate is not jammed im worried it might be the Actuator Ass'y its $1,200. it just makes a sound but will not move even if I try and pull it down while engaging reverse, I am hoping someone could give me some other possibilities, the parts breakdown looks dim as the actuator is directly in line with the gate so there is nothing to give or absorb some of the impact

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    wait a were jumping waves and landed hard in the shallows?? Things like this shouldn't be admitted in your very first post and opening statement...makes you look kinda....dumb... my question is, how is this even possible that your still alive and/or your poor ski, or at least without crushed vertebrate ..

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    been surf jumping a lot in the past it happens man ask anyone that plays in the surf maybe you should be on a boat, thanks for the tech info on my question

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    Better he mentioned what he did than us trying to figure out how it broke. We'd be asking him to check power and the relays atleast this way we know it's probably rear mechanical. I'll give him points for honesty. We all do unwise things and get the lesson learned outcome. I think it's worse when people ask for help the page 3 they say well when it broke I was....

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    bahahaha. i really hope you dont end up hurting yourself, your poor ski can be replaced, you cant. You have insurance right, health and liability ?

    I give him 2 whole points for honesty.

    Ask your question here, and you might find its already been answered, Good luck.
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    Tony stop trolling man

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    You know im just jealous your fancy ass seadoos have a trigger actuated reverse on them. sucks they made the parts so expensive and hard to get, engineered obsolescence at its finest. Yamalogs do it too

    My apologies for being a trooooooooll, i can be a sarcastic asshole in the morning, it gets the best of me sometimes. Ill take a bite that humble pie

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    pull it off and open it up so we can see what's going on. with no repair parts available it's going to mean fabrication or biting an expensive unpleasant tasting sandwich made from human waste.

    Who knows..maybe a little jb weld will do the trick.

    Please do NOT insure yourself if you ride like that..when MY rates go up when they have to a pay a 6 figure medical bill we all get hurt.

    Kinda like the guys I see rolling wheelies down main street or cramming 25 people in a pontoon boat rated for 12.

    get a standup if you want to ride that way. I guess the same folks drift in f350 duallys

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    I love the stand ups so much fun

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    you guys are funny I have a better chance of getting seriously hurt driving to the landing...

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