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    1993 Polaris SL650 Float Valve and Seat pairing?

    Quick question that I can't seem to get an answer on. I rebuilt by 1993 SL650 carbs and did all the fuel related upgrades that are suggested on the site. Everything went well but I was rebuilding my SL750 carbs at the same time and managed to mix the float valves together in the process. It was pretty easy to sort out the seats as they have a number on them that corresponds to the specs in my manual. I cannot for the life of me find any kind of numbers on the float valve? Are they all the same? They look identical...just want to make sure before I finish and test these things in the water.


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    Should all be 2.0

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    The Seats are all 2.0 but I can't find anything on the needle valve in the way of a number. Should they say 2.0 as well? If so, where would I find that number?

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    They all come as matched sets

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    That sucks! I have two different sets that are mixed together and I can't find a way to identify the needle valves?

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    I think the point here is that if the seats are all 2.0, and the needles and seats come as matched pairs, then any of the needles should be fine with all of your seats.....

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    Sorry, maybe I didn't say it very well I have two different sets of seats. 3 - 2.0 and 3 - 1.5, they all got mixed together. The seats were easy to sort out as they have the size stamped on them. The problem I have is figuring out the needles. They don't seem to have a size on them so that I can pair them correctly?

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