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    Dropped or lost power valve !?!

    Ok so I have a gp800x and it has been having some low-mid range hesitation .. Runs like a scaled ape on the top end ...

    pulled the power valve covers and the rear valve is gone!!! Shaft,connector and brass bushing are all still intact.. THe piston is fine as well as the cyl.. Can you really get lucky and it drop and not hurt anything ? I've put 4 hours in it with this issue ( it sat for 5 years before I just got it) so I rebuilt the carbs and have been chasing my tail since..

    Id think if it went in the bottom end that it would have toasted the crank or something and wouldn't still be running fine? Thoughts?

    Im almost wondering if someone took that valve out and didn't put it back
    Thanks chris

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    Isn't it possible it went into the exhaust manifold/pipe? I think I've read that happening before. If so, you got lucky

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    Yes I suppose it could have the front PC was sludged up ( yamaha glue ) but the rear was clean., so I almost wonder if someone took the rear Pv was taken out and cleaned and forgot to put it back in

    it wasn't in the manifold when I took it off

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