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    Newbie - Where to attach anchor rope

    Just bought one of those Kwik Tek folding anchors for my waverunner. I have some questions....

    Where do you attach the line to? Do you hop off into the water and attach it to the bow hook, or do you wrap it around the steering column?

    Also, it comes with 25' of rope. Most of the time I will be anchoring in much shallower water, Waist high at most. How do you make that you don't have to use all 25 feet. (I do not have a cleat on my ski where i can just tie it shorter). Thanks!

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    Always tie off the bow,it will keep the front of the ski towards wind/waves. Also I always just grab my rope,pull however much I want out of it and tie two basic knots where I want it to be. I'm not really sure how to make the last part make more sense.

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