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    97 sl 1050 died and won't start

    I just bought a 97 sl 1050 . The first day I had it on the lake ran great. I took it out the next day and it died about 30 mins into the ride. Had a full tank of oil and half of tank of gas when I got to my dock. Pulled it out of the water and found the plugs were dirty so I replaced them and the battery because it had quit a day after it died. Now with battery and spark plugs replaced it still won't start . Any ideas?

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    Hold down the bilge button. Do you now have spark?

    If not, check battery voltage while engine is cranking. Must stay above 10.6 volts while cranking.

    Do you know if this engine has the original ignition system or the update kit ignition?
    Is there a thin black wire going to the battery negative post?

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    It's all stock as far as I know. It is a brand new battery. It's getting 12 volts when cranking. But just about 20 mins ago all the gauges quit except for the time. I don't know what happened with it!

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