I have a Seadoo Gtx ltd with Riva stage 2 mods. Recently, I had an incessant P 1544 code that wouldn't go away even though a new exhaust temperature sensor was placed. Turned out being a clogged Riva Gen 1 intercooler that just needed a good flushing. It sits on a lift that is in less than 3 feet of water. So when I start it, it sucks some sand into the intercooler. So to prevent it from happening again I installed a Groco strainer into the water hose going to the intercooler. I added a few feet of hose to mount to the hull and it works great. However, I took it out and now only revs to 6950 and top speed is 55mph. Before I put the strainer I was revving 8160rpm and topped out around 70ish. I'm shocked. Apparently, the supercharger was rebuilt 5 hours ago and is good for 200 hours. It sounds like the supercharger may be slipping , I'm not sure. It definitely doesn't pull as hard anymore. What gives? I did not see any loose hoses anywhere, so I don't have a clue. Any ideas?