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    2014 yamaha VXR or FX ho

    Anyone have an opinion on what the differences are in speed and performance? Also what is the horsepower rating on them? I can't find that info anywhere.

    Looking to buy my first ski and not sure I want to deal with the maintenance of a supercharger. Do these really perform similarly or is it just a marketing stunt

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    Hi Woonkie

    Similar performance, but not as much punch as the ones with a Super Charger. Both the VRX and the FXHO come with the 1800cc engine that puts out about 180hp stock, the SHO is about 210HP from memory. The FX HO is a very different hull to the VRX and the FX cuts thru the chop better then the VRX. The VRX is more manoverable than the FX but does not like the chop as much so it depends on the riding you do as the Ski's are very different. Both have good range and the VXR is a little quicker but not by much. ie 1 or 2 mph top speed.
    My Friend has both a VXR and a FX HO and depending where we are riding and the wind he then decides which ski to take out, he like the VXR alot but won't take it out if the chop\swell is about. More often he takes it down the river so he can be faster then me.
    Would be best if you could ride both and really see that the two ski are so much different in the feel. The FX is longer and more stable but certainly gets up and goes well.

    Range is outstanding on these things, we regularly ride 75+ miles on the river and you still have a quarter of a tank left in reserve. The S/C guys from other manufactures have to go on to conservation mode to do the ride else they take fuel.


    2012 FXHO

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    180 HP is correct. I've read the top speed of the FXHO is around 63-65 MPH stock. The VXR is around 66-68 MPH stock. The VXR will be the quicker and more aggressive handling of the two. The FXHO will be more comfortable in rough water. Both can be modded for more speed and acceleration fairly easily. Modded VXRs get into the 71-72 MPH range.

    If you plan on doing a lot of two up or riding in rough water primarily, the FX hull will be better. If you plan to ride solo and like to ride aggressively, then the VX hull will be more fun.

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    Also there are some great deals on holdover new 2013 VXRs out there. Out the door before tax of $9800 on eBay right now from a Michigan dealer!

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