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    '94 Wave Raider Tuning

    I just picked up a pair of '94 Wave Raiders and was needing a little help.

    First issue
    One of the ski has a porpoising issue that I think I have tied to a slightly bent ride plate. In doing a little research I found where there was a recommendation to cut the factory plate even with the hull. I also noticed in looking at a Riva groovy plate that is was quite a bit shorter than a stock plate. Any thoughts on what I should do? I am more concerned with ride stability than speed at this point, so if an extended plate will provide that then I would be inclined to go that direction. Again, any experience and recommendation would be appreciated.

    Second issue
    The same ski runs greats but I noticed that the plug is extremely clean on it. I mean there is no deposits on the ring. The insulator has a nice brown/tan look and the heat range looks good on the strap but I am a little concerned with no deposits on the ring. The ring is as clean as it was when I put it in. I have moved both HS to 1.5 turns out and the LS adjuster seems to only have about a 1/2 turn of adjustments as there is a tab on the adjuster that limited the movement. I am now curious if this in fact the LS adjuster. I have looked at the Mikuni manual on line at it appears to be the LS adjuster but just need to confirm before I move forward. I have ridden and worked on dirtbike for several years so I am a little familiar with how to adjust a carb but this clean plug thing is something I have never seen before.

    Thanks for the help.

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    With the ride plate I have read most recommend cutting it flush with the hull. I recommend upgrading to an aftermarket plate, it helps tremendously with handling and especially cormering. Also upgrade to an extended nozzle. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these upgrades. Don't waste money with an intake grate. Just cut the middle bar out, or both middle bars. Personally, my raider 760 performed well with the stock grate not cut. I cut both bars out and it is a little better. Now for the carbs and spark plugs. It took a long time to develop the dark ring on the plugs on both of my skis. Probably nothing to be concerned about. The little limiter cap can be pulled off and thrown away. I would set both carbs to exact factory spec and ride it. If everything is in good shape, should run well.with stock settings. The rear carb is jetted richer to compensate for crankshaft torsioning. It prevents leaning out the rear cylinder due to advanced timing under load. Group K has a very good article about that. Read their other articles too. I learned lots from their other technical articles. Those purple hulled raiders you scored are sweet. They are very rare, Yamaha did not produce many of them. The hulls are hand laid fiberglass. You scored a MAJOR find by getting two of them. If you ever want your money back.....let me know!. LOL.

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    Thanks for in the info.

    I have found a couple of Riva Groovy plates and have looked at the Pro-Tec plates since they still seem to be available new. Where do I look for the extended nozzle? Are they OEM from another ski or aftermarket?

    I checked the plugs today after going to the 1.5 turns out, things got black quick, still no color on the ring. I moved everything back to the factory settings which was close to where they to start with.

    Thanks for all the help

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