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    Question on carb rebuild for xlt-1200

    I'm new to this forum and wanted to know if anyone had any idea of how much it would cost to rebuild carb. I took my ski out and (which has 80hrs) and noticed it was bogging at acceleration I had to feather throttle to get it to go ski would only do 40mph. checked ski when i got home discovered it was only running on 2 cylinders checked for spark all 3 cylinders had spark checked compression cylinder 1 had 113psi cylinder 2 had 113psi cylinder 3 had 115psi. so by process of elimantion it has to be the carbs. I spoke to mechanic and was told carbs had to be rebuilt and was quoted $700.00 this is to rebuild and rejet carbs and convert to premix, remove choke and add primer kit, remove accelerator pump, modify air box putting in 110 pilot jet, 120 main jet, needle in seats, and a 95 gram sping. Is this a fair price?? any feedback much appreciated..

    Ski has D/plate with chip
    GP nozzle
    Riva intake grate
    pump seal kit
    free flow exust
    new jetprop


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    Most here on Hulk, I believe, would rebuild carbs themselves. All the instruction you need is readily available. Do it right and only use genuine Mikuni kits. Should run you close to $60 each. I didn't see wave eater clips in your signature. If you don't have them, get
    If you'd rather pay somebody to get to know your ski, $700 seems fair for all that you listed.

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    Spend the money for t-handle adjusters and switch to premix.

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    If you update to those jets you need to buy flame arresters, the stock airbox will be too restrictive and you will run too rich.

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    If you do the carbs follow this link: this is how most on here do the carbs on the 1200r and as already said add the "T" adjusters also.

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