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    Simple and cheap way to talk to one and another out on the water handsfree??

    Been looking all morning for something cheap (under 100 bucks) and hands free to
    talk to my wife while out on the skies and can't seem to find anything simple. Don't need
    anything crazy. Thanks...

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    If you find something that actually works, cheap may not be important.

    Some of the gear used by motorcyclists comes close, but that stuff often assumes you are wearing a helmet, or that it does not need to be waterproof. Or the real world communication range is too short.

    My own requirements include waterproof, both headset and electronics. Functional even with high wind speeds, both the microphone and the earpiece. Minimal or no wires.

    Handsfree, as in voice activated? Hard to do in a high noise environment. Possible, but I have yet to find it.

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    Water resistant (I don't think too many things on earth are waterproof), not terribly expensive (under $100), and "hands-free" as per e-Vox operation capabilities.

    I own this very radio set - rarely use it and have never used it "hands-free". Range shown is basically line of sight. On open water - a long way, in our tree covered swamps of SoLA - not very far at all.

    Again, I've never used it "hands-free" style and I suspect you may have problems w/wind/noise interference if underway as well as keeping that earpiece in at speed. Other than that, I have used some basic hand communications that I've developed w/my friends (although one or two are quite universal...)

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    Most of how I communicate is by hand signals and slight little nods of my head... If it's something important I'll slow down... Then again, I've been riding with the same small group of people since I first owned a ski years ago.. We have kind of learned each others mannerisms and can figure out quickly what the other one is saying..

    Most of attention is aimed towards looking out for other boats and obstacles in the water while I'm riding.. I don't think I could do that with someone talking in my ear..

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