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    Am I too worrisome?

    I bought my first ski last August - a 2002 GTX 4Tec Limited - with 105 hours on it. Guy I bought it from seemed to have taken great care of it, and I found no issues with it. I've got about 130 hours on it now and just changed the oil a few weeks ago (he changed it right before I bought it, and had the bill from the shop). But everytime I go out, I worry about breaking down...I don't know what it is, it's just a fear of getting stranded somewhere I guess, lol. Ski has had no issues since I've owned it (other than a faulty idle control valve that I had to replace) but I just can't get it out of my head when I'm out on the water. Am I the only one? .

    Also, to ease my fear, I've got the parts to install a cutoff valve and bilge pump but haven't had the time yet.

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    chug 4 beers before you get on the ski. wait 10 mins, then shut up and ride.

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    I think most people feel a little like that on any water craft.

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    I use to feel the same way when I bought my used 2005 RXT with 89 hours on it. I bought it from a co-worker who took very good care of it. I had the supercharger rebuilt immediately to remove that possible failure from my mind. The more I have ridden the machine, the more confident I've become.

    I've since put 70 hours on it since the rebuilt supercharger and not 1 single problem has come up. I think if you keep riding it, you will get more comfortable with it.

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    Always start at the house before you go out. Make a mental check list (check clamps, oil, all fasteners on the pump assembly). Make some small
    jumper cables. Charge your phone before you leave. The more you go on the water the more confidence you will have. I try not to go alone, make some jet ski buddies lol.

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    No you're not too worriesome. But handle it this way. You're out to relax and have fun and put life's BS behind you. Take the attitude of screw everything and everyone and chill. Including machine failure. Party on Garth!

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    In my area, we have SeaTow; sorta like AAA for boats. I have a membership with them and it gives me peace of mind that I always have a "buddy" available if I need a tow, gas, boost, etc. Since you're inland, not sure if there's something similarly available.

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    Its a natural phenomenon...
    when I first started riding, I had the same fears - my 'Doo has NEVER left me stranded - NEVER.

    as long as you take care of it(preventative maintenance) , your 'Doo will (probably) never leave you stranded either. Aside from some catastrophic failure, or unexpected hazard - you have nothing to worry sabout. Make sure you have the proper equipment aboard , just in case, and all will be just fine.

    I have over 300 hrs. on a 'Doo with no major mishaps.
    Only time I couldnt get anywhere was when my pump swallowed a fish and thrned it to chum on the stator... a lil flushing and i was back on my way...

    rip on, its all GOOD!

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    I tend to worry which is probably why I ended up getting a brand new ski last year... My first. Everything was great until our last ride of the season. We went out on a lake late in the season, cruised up close to a little island, didn't realize how shallow it was and sucked up some rocks so bad that we completely jammed the impeller. Since it was late season we probably floated around for an hour before somebody came by and saw us. They towed us back and everything was fine. I spent all winter worrying though as I normally ride on the Hudson River and I figured something bad would happen again and I'd get run over by a cruise ship or float out to sea! Anyway, we've had a great season so far and I've just learned to go with it. Don't neglect your ski or your safety but just learn to enjoy... I'm much happier lately.

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    I totaled a brand new ski in my local river. Hit something semi submerged. I felt a little hairy the first few times back in that spot with my new replacement ski but I got to the point where I put the concern aside. Taking the risk is part of the fun.

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