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    08 FX SHO Turns over, won't start

    My 08 SHO won't start after coming out of storage. It did run a week ago, but now just cranks but won't fire more than a couple of puts. Battery is charged.

    I read somewhere that starting fluid in the air intake might help? Seems flakey to me. Was in heated storage with full tank. New sparks maybe? THey have around 100 hours.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    If your sparks have 100 hours I would def change them ASAP!

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    what is 'heated storage' does that mean NOT air condition storage? dont spray into the intake, it should start on her own. Change the plugs, make sure you have spark,

    ensure you are getting fuel. by removing the fuel line, and pumping the starter. Be sure to have a bucket at the end of the fuel line because fuel should come out. Or a big towel handy.

    Whats your starting voltage. it needs to be over 12.5- 12.6 when starting or it cant turn on all the components (fuelpump, injectors and igntion) at the same time if its too low. Ive used jump packs but if you ever have doubt, its best to get a fresh battery or ensure it checks good

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    Thanks...Turns out the sparks have only 22 hours. I ran a gallon or so through the fuel hose, checked the connections, opened an air vent and she is running.

    Heated storage it is! I live in the mountains.

    Pro Tip: Don't drop fuel line clip in bilge!

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