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    Dealer Issues- Owned for over a month and still cannot ride

    So, this post is mainly just a venting of everything I will be sharing with brp once I finally have everything I need. Hopefully this makes me feel better.

    Without further ado, my experience with my dealer:

    • the last week of April we drive an hour and a half to the nearest dealership who told us they had a spark in stock, we get there and the one they confirmed was in stock earlier that day has been sold almost a week prior. no big deal, they say they can get a spark for us.
    • the guy asks us what color we want, and we say licorice. apparently he can't get a licorice one, so we tell him to try bubblegum. he says another dealer had one in stock, and I quote "sounds like they are willing to give it to me.” knowing the rarity of the sparks I doubted that, but he reassured me.
    • my suspicion was correct, and they would not give it to him, so rather than ordering one right away, he waits 3 weeks to put an order in. he orders a bubblegum one, even though he has a piece of paper that says we wanted licorice. ( so far we are a month since we original showed up and made a down payment)
    • pink spark comes in, a couple weeks later, the third week of June. We go to pick it up. dad, who's name the paperwork was written under didn't feel like going, so we called, and they said it was no big deal, they will just change it to be in my mom's name.
    • mom signs all the paper work, we get the temp tag for the trailer, pay them the balance in full, and they say we are good to go.
    • I go the parking lot, and our sea do was not secured to the trailer properly, and all of the accessories we ordered, such as the speed ties, bilge pump. etc. are in their boxes, not installed.
    • I secure the sea do and throw the boxes in the back, not knowing that it very clearly states in the manual for all the accessories that the dealer is supposed to install them, and headed for the house.
    • got home, and the next day the dealer calls and tells us all the paperwork my mom signed was not going to work. They then informed us that they overnighted the paper work to us.
    • paperwork gets here, and it is all dated 31st of may. we did not set foot in the dealership within 3 weeks either direction of then, and despite the illegal nature of the paperwork stating these clowns witnessed my dad sign on may 31st, he signed and sent it back to them.
    • they proceeded to mail the titles standard mail to the wrong person, so all last week we waited for mail that wasn't coming.
    • when they realized their mistake they overnighted the titles, or should I say title, to us. we received their package today, and they did not include the trailer title!
    • I was looking at the boxes of stuff i haven't put on the ski yet, and i realized the morons gave us a dess key instead of the spare spark one we ordered.

    So, in summary, I have a spark I put a down payment on in April, that I did not receive until the 3rd week of June, and I still can't ride it because our dealer is absolutely ridiculous. I can not believe I have not heard a single apology yet. They act like this is normal. Anyone else get to deal with something like this? And what should I do?

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    1. Don't pick it up if it's not put together yet.

    2. Do you have a spark key so you can ride it right now, they can send you another spark key no big deal, mistakes happen.

    3. Look over your contract does it say they will be installing the accessories? I bought my reboarding step along with my spark BUT it didn't mean they "had" to install it. I ordered my spark first and the I decided to add the reboarding to the order, it was too late to have it done at the factory.

    4. Be grateful you got your spark, go enjoy it, life's too short.. The accessories can be put on later..

    my 2 cents

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    welcome to GH.

    do come back in a year to revisit this thread and tell me how much it means to you then.

    Life is way to short to get in a twist about this, but you should find a dealer/shop that cares about having your business.

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    I didn't think dealers installed the items order after the fact unless you ask and pay there labor, how did you order a spark in April, I didn't think that was possible, sounds like they had it coming but was part of the delayed shipment due in June, probably should call see if they have all the paper work and go for a ride to pick it up and exchange the key,

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    [QUOTE=dolson;2412586]I didn't think dealers installed the items order after the fact unless you ask and pay there labor, how did you order a spark in April, I didn't think that was possible, sounds like they had it coming but was part of the delayed shipment due in June,
    Agreed- they probably spent 3 weeks working out a trade with another dealer

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    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. You're right about life being too short. I just wanted to clarify on a few things.We did in fact order all of the accessories at the same time as the ski I had one put together on the sea doo website, and had an itemized list of what I wanted ON it. The entire conversation was about a ski with all of things. Nowhere did it say on the paperwork that they would or would not be installing the accessories, but it does say we ordered a ski WITH all of those things, not a ski AND all of those things. At this point, I am glad nothing was installed, because they obviously had no clue what they were doing, but it seems a little shady to me to sell something with the accessories included in the price of the unit when they are obviously seperate. The only reason I picked it up is because I didn't want to give them the opportunity to screw something else up.

    We also never intended to order a spark in April. We were going to buy the one supposedly in the showroom. When we showed up and that turned out to be impossible, we were told that one could be gotten from another dealership in less than a week. We were told we would be able to pick it up within 7 days. That turned out to also be a complete falsity, but when we called up there multiple times throughout the next few weeks it was always "we don't know what's taking so long" until finally, after 3 weeks the guy tells us he couldn't get one from another dealership, and instead had to "order" it. I was dubious, and even told him I thought they were sold out, but he was adamant that wasn't true, and had already placed an order. Not sure how he pulled it off, but one did show up after an additional 3 weeks.

    To me, this whole ordeal is less maddening as it is dissapointing. I didn't expect to be treated so poorly, and obviously somewhere along the lines I was lied to. IWill obviously be finding another dealership, but I can't believe these are the people BRP say are OK to represent them. When this is all said and done, BRP will be getting a nice big email full of dates and proof, but at this point I just can't wait to get this thing in the water, if only to get the neighbors to quit laughing at my new driveway decoration

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    So why can't you put it in the water and ride it? Did you not get the right key with it? (You said the spare you received was the wrong one but did you get the original one?)

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    No paper work = no reg?

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    Exactly. No title no registration here in Ohio. Now that I finally have the title, I have to wait until I can get to the watercraft office between 8 and 530 on a weekday. Going to see if I can get a 1/2 day off work tommorow to go do it. Then I could finally put it in this weekend.

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