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    97 XP won't crank

    Here is a brain teaser for you. I have two 97 xp's. One has a bad top end but a good cdi. ..the other has a brand new motor and a bad cdi. see where this is going already. The one with the bad motor has a better hull. . .and it will crank and give two beeps like normal. I decided to swap the bad motor with the good one since I know that the electrical is working fine in this hull. Upon getting the new motor dropped in. ..I decided to hook it up to make sure it was going to crank. . .and it didn't. So. . .this told me that the issue is in the stator or pickup coil on this new motor. Since I have one that I know works on the bad motor. . .I swapped the two out thinking for sure I am finally going to win this battle. . .however. . .when I hooked everything up. . .it does exactly the same thing. . .no two beeps and won't crank??????? Any ideas?

    Oh. . .and the battery is brand new and fully charged and I can make it crank when shorting it across on the starter solenoid.

    This issue is just bizarre to me.

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    Ha. . .well. ..I was doing my best to keep the two lanyard keys straight. ..and failed to do so. . .got the right key and zing zing! Sorry you have do read this. ..I tried to figure out how to delete the thread. . .

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