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    Question For the DIY oil changers..........What pump or extractor would you recommend?

    I am picking up a pair of 2009 FXHO's this weekend. Only 11 hours on each ski. To me they are BRAND NEW!

    First thing I am doing when I get them home is new oil, oil filter and plugs for each. I already ordered 2 K&N HP-1002 filters off ebay.

    Not sure what oil I will use just yet. Probably Yamalube, but I am open to an alternative.

    The big question is what pump or oil extractor do you guys recommend? I used a hand pump last year for my VX110 deluxe's, but it was a pain in the ass.

    Curious what you guys are using.

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    I plan on picking something like this up soon:

    If anyone is opposed to that let us know!

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    got this one works like it should

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    I used the one that is sold in the boating section at walmart. It pumped 5 qrt of oil out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickSezz View Post
    I plan on picking something like this up soon:

    If anyone is opposed to that let us know!
    That's the one that I use. Couple pumps by hand, moved the hose around a little, and seems like I got it all out.

    Regarding the oil, I just use yamalube, and I used a oem Yamaha oil filter.

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    I bought the same one that yamahacruiser posted the link to. The West Marine unit. Works great. Sucked out the oil in a very quick time. Check out the Riva accessory that you can put on your Mr1 engines and the second one that fits all of the 1.8 engines. I just put one on my FX SVHO Cruiser. Lets you suck out every last drop of the old oil out of the crankcase. Yamaha is very proud of their oil filters and at 26.95 way too much money. There is another thread on here that will give you the crossover numbers for other much less expensive oil filters. I sell oil filters for a living along with a lot of other things and let me tell you that the cheapest name brand filters all meet the original equipment manufacturers specifications. My next oil and filter change and I will be using a Champ oil filter which I sell wholesale at 1.69. Champ is the largest independent manufacturer of oil filters in the world. They make OEM filters for all of the car makers. Not all of the OEM's filters but some. Just thought you all should know.

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    I use a 6ltr Hydro Turf.Large enough to handle an oil change on a ski but not too big and bulky. I also use it to remove any water from inside the hull after a ride. I run Yamalube oil and K&N HP 1002 filters. I might run a full synthetic oil at next change.

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    Might vac brand did the trick for me

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    Mity Vac 7400, had it and the hydro turf/ht moto and prefer the Mity Vac.

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