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    Questions on Yamaha XL 1200

    Ive had this 1998 Yamaha XL1200 since it was basically brand new, Never rebuilt the engine or had any serious problems. Definitely the most reliable ski out of my whole group which we have owned 3 kawasaki's (which constantly broke down), 9 Yamaha's not including this 1998 XL and one Honda. Sadly though as I want on the salt water my rear coupler bearing gave way and the impeller wobbled around and found its home inside the metal, dug itself forward and pushed the engine up a bit. A month later Im able to begin the repairs. everything from the engine back is getting replaced with new bearing, prop, housings, etc. This requires the engine to be removed to replace the coupler bearings. When I took the impeller assembly out as a whole, since it was metal to metal and couldn't separate, the engine moved back to normal and the engine mounts and brackets are completely fine.

    Now my question is that the engine is old with many hours on it but still runs like an absolute champ with great compression, but should I begin doing a premix? or stay with the oil pump and replace all the oil lines when the engines out? For me to premix it would cost $10 for get the plate that replaces the pump. I premixed with my kawasaki and some moron didn't put the full quart in and toasted my second engine, that ski was traded in basically free. Which is why both premix and the oil pump scares me... What should I do???

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    Go with pre-mix and you'll never have to worry about an oil line/pump long as you, and only you, gas it up every time.
    You didn't say how many hours on ski but if more than 200 you are pressing your luck. It's an easy rebuild to do yourself.

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