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    XL700 Carb Rebuild Problems

    So here are the facts on the ski:
    - 2000 Yamaha XL700
    - Rebuilt Carbs
    - Brand New Spark Plugs
    - Compression is 149 and 147

    My problem is that after the carb rebuild the ski would idle well but not go any faster than 1/3 throttle. I called a mechanic and he said it was the new spring in the carb so I ordered carb springs and put them in today. The ski now runs worse and if i give it any throttle it makes a sputtering/knocking sound and stalls out. Called the mechanic today and he said to put the old springs back in and play with the low speed screw. Anyone think that this is the problem or have any other suggestions?

    Here is a video of the engine running with the new springs in and sputtering/knocking:

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    The low throttle idle is from the low screws. The stock settings are always best and so are the stock jettings. The original springs that came in the carbs are the ones to use. The rebuild kits have the wrong springs in them (even the mikuni kits). If you have the old springs, install them. Did you replace all the gaskets and seals? cleaning the carb completely is very important. If I can help at all (as I have rebuilt many of these now), give me a call. Be glad to help if I can.

    There are several little seals and gaskets that you could miss. I can walk you thru the steps.

    Sounds like the pop off pressure is wrong. That is controlled by the spring.

    Don't run it long like that because you WILL damage the motor.


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