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    waveblaster 2

    Hi, i just bought my first pwc a 96 waveblaster 2 with a riva head, factory pipe, riva groovy ride plate and intake grate, took my first run with it and after about 5 min of riding it start to lack power a high rpm and got poor throttle response, seems like not enough fuel at higher rpm, because i cheked the plug after hard riding (high rpm) the plugs were little withe ...
    Right now im pulling the carbs off to clean them and chek what jet size are in there.
    Seller told me it has 200 psi compression ans must run 95-96 octane (he was mixing 50/50 91 pump gas with 100LL) 32:1 oil ...
    Just check the comp and it has 164 psi Front and 165 psi rear (38cc/84mm dome both), BR8HS plug.
    What jet size and carb setting should i got ?
    Do i really need 95-96 octane with 165 psi ?
    Oil ratio ? seller was using hypertech SSS 32:1
    I own a lot of gas powered machine but its my first pwc and i got realy limeted knowledge on pwc but good in motcross and 4 wheeler so i think i can get this blaster running strong with some help !!
    Thanks here some pic of it ... Yes i will fix the pipe hanger
    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK i just finished clean those carbs everything was ok, not dirty, i got 130 main jet 115 pilot in front cylinder and 135 main jet and 115 pilot in rear cyl.
    UPDATE: today ive done a comp test with a snap on gauge and both cyl are right at 170 psi and after the carb chek its still does the same thing its ridable but it getting anoying ... If i let it cool down the problem seems to go away for a little period of time maybe its running too hot ?
    My friend toll me maybe your impeller has too much pitch ? what pitch im i looking for ?
    I have tested my pop off pressure ans its 21-22 psi both cyl. i think its pretty low ?
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    It might be your ignition coil is going.

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    Sounds like you have a RIVA Stage II kit (bolt on power) on that thing. First off, that hull was never designed for stellar top end speeds so do not expect them (intake is way to big and it works against you at high speeds along with a huge wetted hull surface). Blaster II's are very, very quick and handle like a dream but are hard on the elbows because all the shock of hitting rough water is transferred through the handle bars to your arms.

    Contact RIVA and go to tech support with the goodies you have bolted on, along with the jetting and impeller size. See how close you are to what is recommeded. They know that engine and their parts and will give you the most sound advice.

    I would suggest this though: find out if that head has interchangeable domes and detune it to 150psig if possible..... rejet and get an impeller to match RIVA's specs on the want-adds section here on Green Hulk (you may be able to trade/sell your impeller). As a beginner rider, I am absolutely certain that you will have just as much fun riding the BII, it will not cost near as much in fuel and oil to ride (93 octane at 40:1), and heating issues will go away.

    I do not know if your engine is missing when it gets hot but..... Sometimes old plug wires where they connect to the spark plug boots go bad and the spark has to ark from the wire to the boot. Sometimes the arc is so big that when the engine/wires get hot that the spark cannot make the jump and the plug begins to miss.

    Check for spark before and after the engine is hot. Fix: pull the wire out of the boot cut off about 1/4 to 1/2 of the wire and reattach to the boot.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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