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    Question 95 polaris slt 750 burned ground wire

    I am the original owner of a 95 Polaris SLT 750. Trying to repair this as it has very low hours. Just like the other posts, it started smoking while on the lake. All the wires were burned. We replaced the stator and wires, the CDI box and the flywheel, still no spark. We have a vacation in one week, but cannot find anyone in Georgia that will even work on Polaris. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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    Mine only had a burnt stator wire. I just rewired a new ground wire directly to the engine block instead of going back to the stator.

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    My guess is that with all the work that was done, something just got overlooked or connected incorrectly.

    Disconnect the battery. Open the electrical box and verify that each wire color is indeed connected when it should be. And of course there should be zero corrosion and solid clean metal to metal contacts.

    Pay particular attention to the grounding. Perhaps a black ground wire has been skipped or reconnected to the wrong place.

    If all the electrical box connections seem to be correct, then you will need to work through the regular 'no spark' diagnostics process.

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