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    How bad is this?

    So, I've posted before and finally gathered some money to start fixing my 2006 15f. There's not many techs here where I live and virtually all of the machine shops have closed down. How bad is this and is it something that I can repair myself? I haven't been able to remove the valves yet due to awaiting tools. But just from the looks of things I'm thinking only the valves on #3 are still good. The dinged up part of the head is what has me most worried. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Is this the one you said the keepers fell out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike H View Post
    Is this the one you said the keepers fell out?
    No, I haven't posted anything about my ski in about a year. Valves are still in and seem to be fine except for the faces. I'm still waiting on a valve spring compressor tool so I can take them out.

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    You can use a socket and extension, 5/8", put a rag under the valves and just a light tap on the spring side with the socket nd extension will free the keepers. Def need the tool to reinstall though

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    Any pics of the pistons?

    So, what happned or dropped inside the chamber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreenman View Post
    Any pics of the pistons?

    So, what happned or dropped inside the chamber?
    Sat for 4 years, with gas in the tank, when I got to it, the gas had evaporated out of the tank. The rings and part of the piston shoulders dinged it up. Here's a link to the pics of the pistons.

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    Yeah its a cracked ring landing.


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    Pistons and rings should be here today, should be getting the gaskets soon. In the process of cleaning up the gasket residue on the head and cylinders. But I was still wondering about the area that surrounds the valve faces, will the dinged up area need to be machined or does it even matter as long as the valves seat correctly?

    Also, how clean does the the interface between the head and cylinders have to be? I've cleaned it thoroughly but there are still some discolored spots however it feels smooth when I drag my fingernail across it. I also cleaned the gasket gunk off of the flanges where the inlet/exhaust manifold meet up with the cylinder head and the exhaust flanges are the same way ie. discolored but smooth, I guess I'll clean just clean them as good as possible and wait for responses. I am using red scotch bright pads and a razor blade, also some WD-40 for a minor cleaner.
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    they look pretty clean but you should take care with that blade i personally use a block and fine wet/dry paper. you dont want to remove any of the aluminium sealing surfaces or score them. the head combustion chamber surface will be fine as long as you havent damaged the valve seats you could clean it up a little though, you are replacing the valves arent you?

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    If it was mine and I was going to keep it, I would send the head to a reputable motorcycle machine shop, like APE, for a valve job. They would also clean up the combustion chambers. I would also have both the cylinder head and cylinder skimmed to ensure a perfectly flat surface.

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