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    Cylinder temp of 1995 750SLT

    Hello and thank you for the opportunity to learn so much from this site.I have been given a CHT
    Gauge set up from an ultralight aircraft kit it consists of three T type thermocouples that are formed into washers that reside under the spark plug seat of each cylinder.There is athree way switch and a gauge to read cylinder temps.Question is does anyoen know what temp I should expect at this location and can I tune my engine using the readings.Thanks,I dont want to burn another PTO cylinder,dime sized hole right down the middle.By the way my Fuji engine is mounted in a 14 ft Grumman semi V aluminum boat.Thanks for any information .

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    Since the watercraft engine has water cooling right under the cylinder head cover, the spark plug shell temperatures may not change significantly relative to the cylinder internal temperatures.

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