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    94 XP 657x Crankshaft Seal Leak

    Hello everyone, I have a 94 XP, 657x, that I rebuilt the top end on last year. Ran great all of last season, this season it ran for a few days and quit. It has an intermittent no spark condition, and when it does spark, its weak. Did some testing and this led me to a faulty stator. Pulled the front cover and, sure enough, found some bare wires from the stator shorting together, and some metal debris on the flywheel magnets. When I pulled the cover, the housing had some oil in it, obviously from the front crank seal. Not excessive, but enough to make a small puddle in the hull. I'm assuming this housing should be dry. My question is, does the case need to be split to replace this seal? Also, are there factory timing marks on the case to line up the new stator?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone know how concerned I need to be with this oil in the front housing??

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    Not uncommon for a Seadoo of that age. You should do a full teardown and replace the crank seals. Yes the case will need split to replace the front seal. Yes, there is a timing mark for the stator from the factory.

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    Thanks, You've confirmed what I suspected. Do you think I should buy a remanufactured crankshaft from SBT or rebuild it myself? I work with reputable machine shops that can handle the work, just wondering if its worth the hassle.

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    I have used many SBT cranks without issues. I would just go that route.

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