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    STX-12F Water Coming From Second Cylinder - Advanced Help Needed

    I just completed a full rebuild of a 2005 STX-12F. Ski is completely put back together and running. Took out for about a 20 minute ride today. Ski would not idle but continued to start every time it died. Made it to the dock and tied it up, took trailer to replace bunks. Came back about 20 minutes later and ski would not start. Thought battery was dead, but turns out ski was hydrolocked. Swam it to trailer and brought it home. Removed spark plugs and water came out of all cylinders.

    I have attachd a video below. Ski has been out of water for over an hour now and when cranked without plugs, water continues to squirt from second cylinder. There is no appearance of water in oil, if anything oil still looks completely fresh and a little low. This water has to be coming in from exhaust valve, but why only the second cylinder? How is it getting up the exhaust and into the head?

    Thanks for the help.

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    No help yet eh?

    Took Jet Ski out again and rode for 45 minutes before hydrolocking with same issue above. It appears I have two issues.

    1.) Throttle body choke is engaging even when engine has been run and is hot. If ski dies or is turned off I hear the clicking noise from the throttle body and restart is difficult. I am guessing this is a bad air temperature sensor, correct?

    2.) Ski will run fine if it does not sit in deep water for an extended time. I was able to start and stop the ski and drive it for over 30 minutes. When returning to the boat ramp I let sit for several minutes and then upon restart the ski hydrolocked. Same issues as above, water in the cylinders. Oil is still clear and water is not getting into case. Is there some kind of exhaust baffle that has a hole in it or is not seating properly.

    It would be helpful to know where the issue is coming from before I remove the engine and exhaust to go through every piece and find the problem....

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