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    Angry Sea Doo 951 , Rebuilt and now no Beep Beep from Lanyard and no spark !

    Hi , Recently I have rebuilt my 951 Carb engine out of my 2000 Sea Doo Rx . The engine is all back in and now when I go to test it I have no double beep when I plug in the lanyard and I have no spark at the spark plugs. I know you may ask If I have no double beep at the lanyard how I am testing for spark . I am cheating a bit . I am putting power to the positive of the starter as I want to be certain that it is well wound over before it fires anyhow. ( It is an old habit I have with two strokes and any rebuilt engines, I want them to be well lubricated and wound over slowly for a bit before they fire up.) By now I want it to be fired up so that I can go and run it in properly. I have looked over everything and checked all of the fuses in the MPEP. You know what its like , I have looked around in the engine well everywhere with lights and mirrors and wishing that I had a double jointed forearm.

    I am wondering if I have missed connecting a wire somewhere or something ? I welcome any ideas you may have.

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    my guess is if you opened the start soloed there is a small wire that feeds the eclectics via battery terminal and a fuse if that opens you have no power to MPEP

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    Get a Spark !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky-Guy View Post
    Get a Spark !!!
    I fitted the black earth wire from the stator cover and she is now a runner . All good.

    No Offence spark guy , but I dont want a sea doo spark ( the toyota Prius of PWC's ) . I really want an RXX to add to my collection.

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    Then why are you posting in the spark forum?

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    Subconsciously he wants the spark

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    I have no idea how you compare the spark to the prius.

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    If a prius could do what my spark did today....i know what car i would get next lol.... people should really try a spark before they judge them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtime89 View Post
    If a prius could do what my spark did today....i know what car i would get next lol.... people should really try a spark before they judge them.

    Mostly they can't. They're largely sold out.

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    Sorry for posting in the spark section. Anyhow I received the answer that I needed.
    Spark owners I will take your advice and take one for a serious test ride next time.

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