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    Ok, I admit I'm a bit anal about stuff like this, but has anyone figured out how to clean what I suspect is mildew stains off of the rubber parts on the Aquatrax? The handlebar grips, handlebar pad and even the seats get stained so quickly in humid SC! I replaced the pads last year and they are almost black again.


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    buy silicone based oil & apply on the gums. always be as new. Liquid silicone insulation moisture and protects the rubber and plastics.

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    So you recommend spraying with a silicone lubricant before you put the cover on for storage?

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    accurate. any spray silicone based grease removes moisture and mold plastics and tires. will return them to the original appearance and will protect.

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    Tile-x removed the mildew on my pads. Spray, wait, and scrub with a brush. Like new again.

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