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    Need help 2008 Kawasaki STX 15F shuts off while running

    Hope I can get some directions, a few things happened. I just bought the ski had it looked at by Kawasaki dealer they confirmed compression was good and all the major things were checked, oil change , etc... Was running perfect for four days, then A rope got wrapped around prop so I took out on trailer dropped the cover and gaurd cut off the rope and tested via garden house. Had a hard time starting.... The screen would rest as if the key was turned from off to on. Also scrren would go on/off If I got up and sat on seat. Got it running starts good. On the water It would stop running at over 20mph or in rough water hit start and will start right up. I can hit full throttle ski takes off the just dies. I can cruise 15-20 mph works normal. Every now and them I need to jump on seat to get screen back and restart. It gave me a low fuel warning but was showing a half tank on screen put in 7 gal of gas tha seemed to keep the fuel sensor happy. Read the manual could there be a sensor issue like the turn over sensor for over 61 degrees? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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