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    1200 XLT 1999 Yamaha Starting/Running problems


    Last summer - pulled out Cat and replaced with D-Plate and chip. Ski had not been getting out of the hole very well prior to the Cat removal and I just figured it was time for a carb rebuild. The ski has about 275 hours on it (never been in the shop), had wave eater clips installed, all new oil lines installed, new throttle and reverse cables and current compression is at 116 across all three (3) cylinders.

    Soon after the Cat removal the ski would start but as soon as you got on the throttle it would bog down and stall. This would repeat 4-5 times. I would pull on the throttle numerous times during the starting process as it seemed it was not getting enough fuel? Finally it would start - take off very quickly and again fall on its face and stall.

    Fast forward to today. Carbs and accel pump was completetly rebuilt by a local shop about three weeks ago. The ski now comes out of the hole like it is on fire - like new. Problem is - after it warms up - the same old problem comes back. The ski will start up (after many attempts to keep it running) and then as soon as you get on the throttle to take off (it idles well after the 4-5 starting attempts) - it dies.

    It goes through this 4-5 times everytime I stop after reaching temp. When I do get it to finally take off and run - I can open it up take off - and it usually dies one more time at speed. Usually that is the last time it stalls - after that it runs like the wind - no issues at all.

    My friend suggested that the carbs maybe out of sync from the rebuild. I said it was doing it before the Carb rebuld - just as bad. Further - if they were out of sync how would it come out of the hole and upper in speed is over 60 MPH?

    All of this started back after the Cat removal. The other suggestion is that the idle might be way too low - the ski is barely running at idle (maybe 600-800 in the water) and the throught is that the throttle plates are not in the right position (his thoughts) and when you hit the gas it just cannot get enough fuel fast enough??

    Looking for suggestions as to what might be going on here.



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    Carb gaskets weren't reused were they? Check compression when it warms up.

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    Leejax01 - carb gaskets were not reused and the compression when at temp is 116 across all three.

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