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    Question F12X turbo stuck

    I believe that I have a stuck turbo on my F12X. I read on another post that a 9mm socket could be used to unstick it but it appears that when I remove the rubber inlet hose to the turbo that the shaft just has a C-clip on the end and has not nut or otherwise to get a socket onto. I stuck a mirror down there so I could see. How else can I turn that shaft to unstick the turbo?

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    I think I got it, it was a very deep 9mm socket - a quick trip to Ace Harware and I'm good to go
    It was very frozen, after turning it over about 20 times it seemed better so I hooked a hose to it and ran it in my driveway for awhile. Throttled it up a couple of times but nothing crazy. I pulled the intake off and I can spin it freely now with my finger. Off to the lake BTW, why does this happen, do you think it should cause an alarm with lubrication system?

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    1 out of 10 rides, I ride in the salt a majority of the time. I will pull the sir filter out and while she's running give her a good misting of CRC or similar while giving her slight revs. I think it's worth lubricating

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