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    Tim Judge Fully Ported 1200 motor

    I have a few projects to finish, and with planning the purchase of a 33' Baja Outlaw SST I need to free up funds and space. I am considering selling my newly built motor I have not even installed into my ski yet. Its a npv 1200 65U motor that was fully ported and epoxied by Tim Judge. Bored .5 over, Pro X pistons, crank trued and welded, Riva intake mani ported, Riva reed spacer, VF2's, #zero lightweight flywheel and ADA girdled head at approx. 190psi. I have a lot of money onto this motor. ADDITIONAL, I do have ebox, starter, exhaust, ADA conversion plates, ADA exhaust bracket, custom waterbox for dual exhaust, custom exhaust outlets, etc. I can sell as whole package , but before I part ANYTHING the motor must sell first. IDK what to ask for this motor so i'll start at $4,500 plus shipping and pp fees. That price includes ported and epoxied cases, bored, and ported cyl with Pro X pistons, ADA girdled head, #Zero lightened flywheel, vf2's, Riva reed spacer, ported Riva Intake mani, bedplates, coupler, starter. I can eliminate or add items as per requested. Pics will be up shortly. PM MY IF YOURE INTERESTED SINCE THATS THE ONLY WAY I'LL GET AN ALERT ON MY PHONE

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    Willing to sell without head, flywheel, intake, and reeds

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    About to go on ebay with just cases, crankshaft, top end, cyl, and ADA Girdled head. I will take 3k like that, or $2,600 without the head before it hits ebay. Plus shipping and pp fees.

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    More detailed pics of the motor on ebay now

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