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    GP800R oil leak at exhaust manifold?

    So there's a lot of oil in my 2001 GP800R hull after a ride. I cleaned it out last week, and came back to more oil, so it seems to be leaking even when not running. I've checked all the hoses I can find, and none of them are wet on the line or at the connections. I felt around under the engine, and the only place where I found wet oil was around where the exhaust meets the engine. Does that even make any sense? Is there anywhere else it could be coming from and ending up here?

    Thanks for any help.

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    nope, it doesn't. check the front cover where the pump is located. just run your hand on the bottom.

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    You're right. I didn't find any obvious oil near the pump, so I went and pulled the exhaust off.

    Was just the typical oil injector line popped off one carb. No clue how it managed to get the oil across the engine without a trace elsewhere, but there you go.

    Just hope it wasn't off long enough to do damage...

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    if it ran without any oil for any amount of time, I would rebuild it. Better than waiting for the cylinder to grenade then its gonna be expensive! at the least pull the head check the cylinder walls, maybe to a top end rebuild for couple of hundred bucks. Damage is done already!

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