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    2006 Gti-Dead in water??

    2006 seadoo gti with 151 hours. Took the jetski out today. The jetski started fine after sitting for a week. For years now the jetski would say '12v low' after sitting for a week which i always thought was normal. After driving for a few hours or charging the battery it wouldnt say it anymore till it sat again for the week. Always figured it had a minor drain or whatever.

    Like i said it started fine today. Stopped to swim some and when we tried to start it again it was slap dead. The screen said 'sensor' and some other odd things. Like it was trying to say the temp of the water in Celsius but this jetski has never done that. It also tried to tell the depth of the water and the speed but it doesn't have those options either.

    Put a new battery in it (in the middle of the lake mind you) and it fired right up. Its still showing 'sensor' and shows all of these options it doesn't have.

    So whats going on here?? What is the best battery for this thing? The never start from walmart is a no go!

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    Ever get it figured out? I have two 2006 GTI 130's with no problems (knock on wood)

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