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    2001 Virage TX 1200, low injector voltage, not starting properly

    Hi, having Ficht issue on a 2001 Virage 1200.

    Have a strong spark and 25psi fuel pressure while cranking.

    When I probe the white/red power feed to injectors I am only getting 9.60-9.80 volts.

    Will fire & die instantly or pump a lot of smoke out exhaust in between hard start & stall.

    All the stator coils test ohms ok. Don't know how to test Vac out put to EMM. I tried cranking while probing stator coils at 12 pin conn. to EMM while unplugged and they go open loop. Was trying to check Vac from coils.

    Help do I need a Stator, EMM or?
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    Welcome to the hulk

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    It sounds like the EMM needs repair.

    You can do the stator AC testing. Since the stator ohm tests were good, it is likely the AC output of the coils will also be good.

    Not too hard to check. Unplug the 12-pin connector from the EMM. Set your multimeter to AC volts. Use two small bits of wire as probes to connect to the first pair of wires in the connector from the stator wire harness.

    Have someone crank the engine while you watch the meter. Battery must be strong, of course. Make note of the AC voltage reading. Move the wire probes to the next pair of stator wires. Crank, record. Do this for all five coils.

    Now go back and check each coil with one meter probe connected to engine ground (or battery negative). Meter should be set to ohms mode. None of the Ficht stator coils should have any connection to engine ground.

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    Thanks K447. I was checking the Vac correct but the Snap On self sensing meter did not know what to do. Everything checked out with a different meter. Going to get the EMM serviced and RIDE til the snow flies. Then the ProX 800 Mod sled comes out. Thanks again!

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