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    2012 GTR 215 Knock Sensor

    Hey Guys,

    I'm aussie so excuse the octane
    Long story short my mate put Premium 95 into my Ski which at certain rev ranges set the Knock Sensor off to error which logged a fault code. I checked with a dealer who suggested either A. Run the fuel out or B. The knock sensor is bad. So I ran down a whole tank, topped up with some P98 and ran it today. The ski did get the knock sensor error and tried to go into limp mode which then shortly disappeared each time allowing full revs.

    I just want to check that this is fine and I just need to wait for all the bad fuel to fully flush and the ski to readjust to the P98 again

    Either way the ski is in for service next month

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    Not sure, some GH pro will confirm or deny, but the ECU will adjust to fuel grade slowly over time. If you disconnect battery it defaults back to factory fuel grade expectations, so you may be quicker getting it to adjust to the "new" blended fuel.

    Maybe when all your blended fuel is through you could disconnect battery again to finally get the ECU in line for your fresh new fuel.

    That's how I understand it.

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    mate, i'm in oz.

    my poor rxp gets e10, bp95 through it and never seen knock sensor.

    my turbo has had it go off once only under boost on some marina fuel.. you gotta have a faulty knock sensor. all your fuel from same place?

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