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    MSX 140 wont pull up a skier?

    Hey all, well with the help of all the knowledgeable people on here our MSX140's have been running great so far thanks again! The other day we wanted on try and get a skier up with one of them, which failed miserably. Once you gun the throttle to try and get the skier up it just revs up and hardly moves, I think the term Is called cavitation, not sure though.. I never tried it with the other 140, maybe today i'll get them back out and try the other one. My friend has an older slt780 and his pulls a skier right out of the water so I would think a 1200 should be able to do it? I guess im looking at a pump rebuild? Thanks guys!

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    I presume the MSX 140 a creates normally without the skier attached?

    Jet pump is the place to start looking.

    Might be worn or dinged impeller, worn wear ring (extension ring), debris stuck in the jet pump (even a little bit of stuff can cause problems).

    The other possibility is ventilation. Any air leaks between hull and ride plate in the area forward of the impeller, pump base or shoe, or the jet pump intake area, will reduce thrust and acceleration from low speeds.

    The through-hull bearing carrier seals must also be air tight. The carrier is recommended to be rebuilt every 100 running hours or so, and every few years. In salt water operation more often, depending on usage.

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    Thanks for the quick reply! With just a driver on board the ski is slightly sluggish off a dead start. With three people on board it really struggles to get on a plane, almost impossible to get the nose down.. Will start tearing into it soon and let you guys know what I find, thanks again!

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