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    Spark modded and still not right vtech R&D worx

    Spark work 3hrs and never been beached.
    List of mods:
    Vtech running 401 tune
    R&D air intake
    Riva rear exhaust
    R&D top loader
    Worx sponsons in upper most position

    Running 50mph and 8050 sometimes 8100 rpm max

    I just installed air intake, rear exhaust, and top loader not it cavitates on take off at full throttle. But thinking its just pulling harder now and spinning impeller??? Thoughts.

    Ss wear ring and skat prop on order.
    Riva waterbox ready to install.

    Anyone have same issues? Rpms seem low to me.

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    Try the 402 tune and rep-itch prop to pull more rpm ... Iam running stock prop rep-itched and seeing 54mph at 8400-8500 ...

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    I put a skat 12/14 and intake grate and now it cavitates hard for a about 2 sec when you nail it.

    Also noticed my pump had zerp grease when I changed it

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    . The end goal is to find the right pitch for leading and trailing edges to come up with an impeller that has little to no cavitation and run at around 8500 rpms. Once he is able to come up with the best combination he will save it so that it will help other people that are having the same issues as I am. He said it may take a few try to dial it in. I told him if he wants to keep bending them I would keep giving him feedback. I will let y'all know how this goes
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    Are you getting bad cavitation? I get it bad off the line and when I races yesterday pulling out of a turn was bad also. After I installed top loader intake grate I noticed it. After prop it got worse

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    With the skat bellow 4-4500 wot I am seeing cavitation hooked up top speed 52 at 8150. Solas zero cavitation top seed 51 at 7780. The skat seams to pull harder once it is above 5k

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    Yeah that sounds about right. But doesn't explain stock prop after top loader. Also my pump had zero grease in it

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    On my r&d intake there was a lip that stuck up a good amount above were the wear ring sit so to improve the flow to the impeller I smoothed it down with a carbide bit. Another thing might be that the intake or pump isn't sealed all the way.
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    I don't recall that lip being there but I'll double check.

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    I had the same lip.

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