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    2003 fx140 high end bog

    I recently purchased a 2003 Yamaha fx 140. My first ride out i noticed the rpm would not go above 8000. I tried running it without air cleaner and made no difference. I changed the spark plugs and i checked the spark and it appeared good. We took it out again and the same thing happened. I ran it out of the water and it revs to 10,000. Put it back in the water and it revs to 8000. It appears under a load causes the problem. I checked the plugs for a second time after running another tank of fuel through it and they appear to be running lean rather than rich. I checked the pump and there is no obstructions. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

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    If your spark plugs look like your engine is running lean it maybe the fuel injectors are partially gummed up. Maybe you're only getting an 80% shot volume of fuel. The corn syrup ethanol gas seems to gum things up especially when an engine sits for a long period of time. Maybe you could try running injector cleaner at double the ratio stated on the injector cleaner bottle. Maybe you also want to check the water separator drain just above the fuel tank near the air filter box.

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