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    '02 Virage TXI fuel leak

    I need a little help to identify a fuel leak. I"m not sure what the issue is- filled tank before storing it for winter, got it out and it was at a half a tank. I first thought someone had gotten to it and stolen some gas, but after having it out 2 weeks ago and filling it up before leaving- i came back this weekend and yep, missing gas- but this time it was still in the hull.

    Any ideas what it may be- had no issue that i'm aware for before putting it up for the winter. It it turns out to be an issue with the tank- do i have to pull the motor to get the tank out?

    Thanks for any ideas of that to look for.

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    Remove the rear tank bracket down low behind the bottom centre of the tank. Held in place with a single bolt.

    Look for any signs the tank has been rubbing on the bracket. Same deal at the front.

    There are no openings on the fuel tank other than at the very top, so it seems likely that the tank needs to come out regardless of where the damage is.

    Engine needs to come out to remove the fuel tank, as I recall. Good time to clean up the hull interior and do any other minor upgrades while you are in there.

    Adding a third outside air vent under the cowling shroud might help the engine breathe better at high throttle levels. In stock form on my own Virage TXi I can see the engine suck the seat down when I squeeze the throttle hard on the trailer. That tells me the engine is creating mild vacuum under the seat, which implies not enough air flow into the hull.

    Tip: I think the fuel tank from the MSX 140 (but not MSX 110 or MSX 150) is a drop in fit for the Virage fuel tank, but the MSX 140 tank is rated to hold a few more liters of fuel.
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    I don't see any signs of leaks, it is weird in the fact that it has to he higher than a half tank. I flushed out the hull, dried it as best I could and after 2 days there is no further gas, but still gas in the tank. I did find what I assume is the vent line ( picture attached) wasn't connected to anything away from the tank. Could somehow be an issue that would cause a vacuum and allow gas to be pushed out the vent into the hull? Has anyone heard of this? I really don't want to pull the motor if I don't have to. Click image for larger version. 

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    The plastic end of the vent hose is supposed to be connected to a black rubber hull fitting near the front of the seat opening. There are two of these rubber vents, the other one is for the battery, of you still have an old-school lead acid battery.

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    I've found the info showing how to remove the jet pump-- any tricks or advice on removing the engine? I looks like if i pull the intake it will make it much easier to get the engine out. any tricks?

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