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    MSX 150 RPM Limited

    I have an MSX 150 and under load on the water my RPMs are limited to between 6050 and 6200. When I hop a wave the RPMs can go as high as 8k. The speed is also limited to high 40's to 50 but this has not always been the case it was hitting high 60s to 70. It had an ECU tune a couple of years ago for better performance by someone in Canada I met through this forum and it ran great. I've owned it since new so I know its full history. I checked for vacuum leaks as best I could, pressure tested the turbo wastegate actuator, replace the wastegate actuator solenoid, replaced the spark plugs, changed the fuel filter (before this issue), use 93 octane fuel, tested the turbo heat sensor, ran SeaFoam through the fuel system and generally looked for any thing odd. At the end of last year it did over heat due to me topping it off with the wrong coolant by mistake. I fixed that mistake and it ran fine before storage. Also the turbo indicator on the display panel shows fluctuations when it gets to about 75% dropping and rising as if something isn't quite right. My question is does anyone have any ideas what could be cause this power limitation?

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    The Turbo indicator on the NGI display is synthesized from the RPM signal and maybe the speedometer signal. There is no actual turbo/ manifold pressure signal to the display, as far as I know.

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