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    2004 rxp won't start

    Here's a quick background, 2004 rxp 24 hrs, sat for 2 yrs before I purchased it so long story short sc washers dried out and broke when I went out. Got sc rebuilt flushed motor out, replaced both front and rear oil pumps completely put back together ran good on the hose. Took it out rode for about an hour with normal operation. Then I got a non stop oil beep. I tried to pull the codes but nothing would come up it just says "END". So I got it home and tried to hook it up to a hose and start it. It cranks for a second then won't start. I am close to selling this ski it has been nothing but problems PLEASE help with any advice.

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    If it is not turning over jump out the starter relay. They are a known problem.

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    Okay thank you I'll try that, any idea about this oil beep and engine shut down anyone??

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    It will start up and idle fine sometimes other times it try's to start and then it won't, anyone have any ideas?

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    There are a few connectors on this year that are the same style and will plug into the wrong sensors.

    Like the tops and the front oil pressure sensor. Also the intake air temp also.

    I think the front oil sensor the plug can also be Installed backwards (upside down)

    Check the front oil sensor first. It has a 2 pin connector but only 1 wire.

    Make sure that plug is on the oil sensor and make sure the 1 pin from the sensor goes to the 1 wire in the connector. If its upside down the wire pin will not connect to the sensor pin.

    If this is not the problem then the oil sensors might be bad.

    You could check the oil pressure with a mecanical gauge to rule out engine distruction. If the oil pressure is low then something bad happened inside the motor.

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    Thank you very much for the help I will check that tomorrow you might be onto something because I had the engine out and harness all unplugged so I may have plugged something in wrong thank you I'll let u know the out come of this.

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