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    Problems with Polaris SLX 780 (95)

    Hi all im new here
    My partner has recently bought a polaris SLX 708 and has had nothing but problems with it.
    one problem has been solved but there is now another.
    Sometimes she doesnt want to start, and when she does start she runs well then will just die and when she starts again will only do up to 4mp
    we did think originaly air in the fuel as we did have her apart thinking maybe muck in the fuel, but its as clean as anything.
    Another thing is Carbs we dont know how check them properly, we can do all the work its just knowing.

    Also does anyone have any other ideas as to what it could be?

    thank you in advance

    Below its the engine
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Are those heads black and the last one blue?

    There is a ton of info here to explore and learn about your 780. I would take the time and read about the ski in general. Most problems are fuel related. Bad fuel pickups, old diaphrams in the carbs, vents not working, restrictions clogged, bad fuel lines, seals and gaskets too.

    A thorough cleaning and replacement of fuel lines, filters,diaphrams and gaskets should be replaced first. Its an older ski and needs some maintenance.

    There are other factors other than the engine .. your pump and impellor are just as important. There are bearings inside it that need replacing and seals.too.

    Your prop or wear ring could be out of spec.too. read up on all this stuff.and.get familiar with it. We will help you out.

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    Some testing should be done aslo like:

    Battery voltage
    Load test battery
    Pop off pressure tested
    Leakdown test for crank seal leaks
    Jet sizes in the mains and pilots.
    Wear ring clearance to prop
    Bearing movement in pump
    Driveshaft Carrier bushing slop

    Most people that intend on keeping the ski would:
    Usually get a new prop and a pump wear ring that fits tight.
    Replace bearing n seals in pump
    Buy an AGM battery.
    Rebuild the carbs
    Replace all fuel lines
    Clean water seperator
    Replace fuel filters
    Do a compression check
    Replace plugs
    Cut back spark wires a 1/4"
    Replace.fuel pump

    Other items may be:

    Flame arrestors
    Wedge in the pump
    Stainless steel stator 6-vane.
    New intake grate
    Different ride plate
    Diff muffler
    Add a choke
    Switch to premix

    But thats all after it runs sweet.

    If it doesnt go over 4mph. Then dont run it. Do a compression check first.

    Someone added after market flam arrestors i see.

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    Hi and thank you for your reply.
    yes they are two black and one blue.
    you have given me alot to check over.

    It has had alot of work done on it before my partner bought it but personally i think its a bodge job.
    i have never seen such bad wiring
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Below are pics of what i took yesterday
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It has had a new drive shaft seal as it was leaking, Im going to be honest i dont really know much about Ski's although i pick up extremly quickly.
    i know the three red topps are filters and below are the carbs, the 2black n 1 blue are pistons, i know (easy one) to follow all the pipes and find where they flow to and from and into which parts.
    We dont want to really pay out on it as its just costing more and more money.
    My dad and I have even thought of stripping it back and relaying everything back in properly

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