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    Supercharger will not budge! 08 RXT-X

    Im trying to get the SC off my RXT-X and it absolutely will not budge! I have taken all three bolts off (top bolt had to be ground off) and have soaked it in penetrating fluid to try and break up all the salt water corrosion thats covering everything in the engine compartment and ITS NOT MOVING! anyone have any tricks or go to lubricant to help get this thing off?

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    try heat gun (no open flames please) and if that does not help try prying close to shaft VERY GENTLY it's cast and can crack easy

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    I finally got it, took using a rubberized dead blow and tapping on the housing as i pried it away from the block after a good hour or so of spraying it down with penetrant... what a pain in the ass! glad I pulled it when I did though, there is SO MUCH END PLAY in the shaft!

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    use Anti-Seize before you re-install the charger. A little goes a long way.....

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    its getting anti-seize and titanium allen cap bolts when its reinstalled.. doing it all the right way!

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