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    Nanoxcel Damage..... Less than 9 hours...

    So i just bought a brand new 2014 vx cruiser and have less than 9 hours on it. I haven't hit anything in the water that I can remember. The most contact the hull gets is when i ride it onto my EZ dock. While spraying it down with fresh water I figured I would check the bottom of the hull and noticed this big chunk of paint missing. It was literally flaking off when i touched it. I thought this nanoxcel stuff was supposed to be super tough! Can it be repaired? Is it covered under warranty?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    any way you could wipe that off so we can see the damage better?

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    Paint flake is a known problem on the 14s. I would bring that back to the dealer immediately. I believe they are having them reprinted with non hippie paint that actually lasts.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	334914Here is a zoomed in shot. It feels like it's down to the fiberglass

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    It looks like i see abrasion marks, those long scratches make looked like it like it rubbed against something. or has been beached. Doesnt seem to be that of a 9 hour hull. I have done tons of repairs to the bottoms of vx's and something doesnt look normal.

    That being said, i am terrified for the moment my new skis start doing this.....

    older hulls are a cinch to repair, ill be sure to make a hot to thread when/if the time comes i have to repair my hulls...

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    Do I see a lot of damage around the paint flaking? From the looks of the picture there are a lot of scrapes and scratches on the bottom of the Hull. You say that you never beach it, but TBH the bottom of your ski looks to be in bad shape. Hope they cover it all. Good luck.

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    It's never been beached. There most it has rubbed against is the ez hull when I take it off or ride it back on. The difficulty is getting it to the dealer. I don't own a trailer...

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    Looks to be where the hull might contact the EZ dock when riding up? You or anyone ever come up too hard or fast? I'd take it in ASAP, but most with paint issues usually don't show to the hull material, just paint peeling.

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    You do have to gun it a little to get it onto the ez dock, but i don't think that should be damaging the hull this much. My friend who's house i dock at, his seadoo has been using for years on the ez dock next to mine has 0 damage for years.

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    Looks like you hit something. No way a 9 hr hull should be that beat up.
    Imagine it at 90 hrs.
    I'm at 247hrs and she's still shining. ..
    No she doesn't sleep on a dry dock.

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