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    devil ski ? help

    95 tigershark daytona ,I got it not running and no history .carbs were bad clogged so I rebuilt both carbs .it appeared ready to go .jumping it from car battery and had to spray a little ether to get it going. Now it starts ,I turn the hose on a little rev it up to about 3500 it warms up I rev it up high one time and it redlines to 8000 and sticks there ,stop button did not work and believe it or not I pulled plug wires to kill it and it did not finally choked it down to kill it ,I put oil block of kit on and mixed 40 to 1 is this thing junk ? Any ideas?

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    My research says this is called running out lean.anyway started it again ,messed with carbs got it to somewhat idle ,carb set to book so I opened all a little and seems like its still leaning .question is with the oil block off kit installed and running 50/1 premix would it change carb settings from factory spec ?

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    If your ski ever does this holding stop button in while holding throttle open will stop engine.hopefully the things I am finding out is helping somebody .will be doing all new lines and filters this week ,plan on taking ski to water this weekend and strapping to trailer and checking it out further.

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