Well last Sunday i was going to take the ski out, so i did what i usually do and ran it on water for about 5 minutes then drove to the river and started it again for about a minute on the trailer before putting it in the water. So then after putting it in the water it started right up and we began to idle out. After getting out into the River i tried to accelerate and after about 20 seconds my ski just died and wouldn't start up again. So i waited a minute and it started right up and i thought i was in the clear, so idled in a big circle and figured it was fine so i just pinned it to see what it would do, and it got up to 28mph and died again then as i was trying to restart it, it sounded like my battery was dead but after a minute it would start up again and 20 seconds later it would die in idle and when i would accelerate. Did this fiasco about 10 times before getting back to the dock.

-So i jumped on the forums and seen someone else with my problem and just read, Took my stinger out and was looking at the carb, doesn't seem to look dirty, took the Flame arrestors off and check the inside of my butterfly switch to see if it was dirty but was pretty clean actually. I've ordered new spark plugs for it but now im just wondering if anyone had any insight on what i should do next?

-Should i try to take the 3 barrel carb off and clean it (don't really know what im doing) or just try the plugs and hope for the best. The plugs were black as night btw.

-Bought the skis used and the guy said the ski had mods but didn't know what, but i know it doesn't have a d plate lol.

-Noob on ski knowledge, would just like some help.