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    Oil cooler failure. Need help..!

    Currently i have 6 jet skis with broken oil coolers. All skis are less than 2 years old with an average of 600 hours each. Symptom is that I have engine oil in my radiator. I have already changed the 2 seals in the water pump (just in case it was leaking through there). But after doing a simple air pressure test on the oil cooler, it is definitely leaking.

    1) Any idea whay this is happening..?

    2) Seadoo is now out of stock for these oil coolers. (are they having defects and trying to better the quality?)

    3) Is there any 3rd party replacements available..?

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    I think 600 hrs on a stock oil cooler is doing good..
    Just my .02

    Check eBay

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    i guess so, but why suddenly no stock a Seadoo...?

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    They are made by KTM. They are not out of stock for the USA, I just checked.....

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